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When it comes to online gambling in your country, the choice may seem overwhelming. What casino is the best judging by the reliability of fair game, payments of winnings, certification? What are the most succulent bonuses of Australian online casino real money? And what are the terms of bonuses and wagers? Let’s consider it.

Australian online casino real money reviews

Online PokiesBefore 2014, there were thousands of online casinos functioning on the territory of Australia. But then, the Totalisator Act was passed, which made it possible to operate on Australian territory only to those online operators which were registered in Australia and paid taxes here. Legislation officials perfectly understood that billions of Australian dollars were gone from the country every year lost by local players, and nobody received any benefit from this money flowing out of the country. Thus, nearly every foreign casino stopped operating in Australia and left after 2014. Today, still, there are 100+ gambling houses active. That is, gamblers still have a solid basis to choose from.

Without giving specific names of online casino sites, we’re ready to say that, based on the analysis of existing offers, all types of bonuses are available today: no-deposit ones, deposit ones, recurring – like weekly and monthly (depending on the conditions of specific casinos, including bonuses connected to players’ birthday).

There are often requirements to minimal deposit, making which, you are not only allowed to the game but can also claim your deposit bonus. The minimum amount lies within the range of 10-35 bucks, as it is most often the case.

The range of all Australian casino mobile deposit bonuses is wide: from 1,000 to 8,888 dollars. Some of them are given with free spins, some – not. Also, free spins may be given instead of money bonuses – which makes it more alluring for those who hate wagers.

All Australian casino no deposit bonus is much smaller than the one you receive when playing for real money.


Rules of bonuses

Casino Bonus AustraliaOnline casinos offer most often from 50% to 500% of the deposit bonus (with an established ceiling of it, which is ‘no more than X’, where X is set by each casino individually).

When you deposit money, not all amount of bonus is given to you after the first deposit – sometimes, it is shared between several (up to 5 first deposits, as a rule, and it may be applicable to all of them or only some of them, like, the first, third, and fifth).

This money is not given for nothing – you have to win it back from the casino once it is on your account. The practice of winning is called ‘wager’, and it may be something from x5 to x100 – depending on how big bonus is granted to ya. Usually, it is x30 – x40.

During wagering, you have to make bets playing only specific games (each casino decides, which ones are to play), with different coefficients of adding to your wager amount. Thus, for instance, you may be told to play only a few specific slots, nothing other.

How to calculate wager

Casino WagerPresume, you deposit 1,000 dollars. The casino gives a 200% bonus, that is, 2,000 dollars above that, and sets x35 wager. So, the amount of wager will be (1,000+2,000)*35 = 105,000 dollars. That means you have to bet 105,000 dollars in specific games. But do not assume that you don’t have that big money – as the usual return-to-player rate is from 90% to 99.9%, which makes you lose 0.01… 1 buck from every ten of your bets (giving that you’re not winning big, as it perfectly can happen). So, by betting 105,000, mathematically, you can lose 105-10,500 with such RTP. So, if you select the game with 99% RTP (if it is possible to select), then you’re losing only 1,050 dollars from 3,000 that you’ll have (that’s the optimal strategy). And you can withdraw the rest of the money when the wager is reached.

Thus, before accepting any money from the casino, carefully read Conditions and Terms in order to avoid losses on this stage.

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