Roulette in an online casino in Australia: how to play and win it


It doesn’t matter if you play roulette online free or if you make a visit to a brick-and-mortar gambling house: the number of roulette strategies is the same (giving that the house plays fairly within the set rules).

The most promising roulette play strategy up to this day: Martingale

Live RouletteThe most known up to this day is the Martingale strategy. It is simple to apply it when in the play roulette online free: a player has to make bets on odds/even, black/red, or 1-18/19-36 all the time, not changing the bet’s position until he wins. The first bet is equal to ‘X’. If a player wins, he receives 2X of winning. If he loses, he makes another bet on exactly the same position that he did before, only this time, doubling the bet, that is, 2X, hoping for victory. If the victory happens, he gains 4X money, which covers the previous loss and the current bet, giving him 1X of won money. If he loses again, this time, he makes 8X bet to cover all losses after the next victory. After the winning happens, the bet can be changed – for instance, instead of betting on red, it would be on black.

This strategy may seem obvious to remain victorious on all occasions, however, it is not. And here are explanations why.

Firstly, depending on the types of roulette, there are 1 or 2 zero sectors on the gaming surface, which gives the advantage to the house at 2.8% or 5.6%. That is, betting always has the possibility of losing when zero encounters, whilst sticking to this strategy in the future makes gambler’s possible victory smaller.

Strategy rouletteSecondly, this is the game of chance, when no previous and no future result of appearing of the number is connected with the current result. Speaking so, we mean that, theoretically, there are chances that there will be always black it always red for a very long sequence of times. This has already happened before, in Monte Carlo Casino in 1913, when a ball fell in black cell 26 times in a row. Millions of dollars were lost that day, as players continued to bet on red, not expecting such a small probability of occurrence of this event (which is 1 chance to 66.6 million). And, considering that after losing, the next bet is doubled, no thinkable money would be then enough to make so many bets to reach it through 27th (presuming that the initial bet was just 1 dollar, the 27th bet would be 67,108,864 dollars, with the entire sum of money put on the table by just one player as big as 134,217,727 dollars). This is called ‘gambler’s fallacy’, when the expected event does not really come, being statistically independent of everything in the past and future. Considering that, would you not be afraid to input 134.2 million dollars into the play? What if the other 3 hits were black, too? The entire bet amount would be over 1 billion! You simply wouldn’t get that big money anywhere. And that’s just to win your 1 dollar back? How silly is that!

And the third reason why this strategy isn’t really workable – whilst possible losses are high and tangible, the possible winning in this is only 1X of your money. Is online roulette for real money worth playing if the only thing you win is just 1X of your bet? In the given example above – that would be just 1 buck. So this is rather about not losing a lot, while still trying to feel the awesomeness and fervor of the game in some online roulette wheel simulator.


As it is obvious from the name, the Anti-Martingale in the best online roulette Australia is when you double your bets after you win and lower them after you lose. That is, when things work in your favor, you have pretty nice chances to accumulate some capital based on luck solely.

But that also does not free you from the gambler’s fallacy, as roulette is a statistically independent tool, so the factor of ‘luck’ may actually drag you down to the pit of losses. However, if today is your lucky day, indeed, the Anti-Martingale is actually available to give you more than sticking to Martingale.

D’alembert strategy

Strategy DalembertFor those who can’t risk that high as in both previous strategies, this is a more reasonable approach. When you lose, increase your bet not by doubling but adding some. How much? Some. That’s up to your pocket. After you win, decrease your bet to some. For instance, one or two. That makes you tickle your nerves yet refrain oneself from losses in the amount of more than you can bear.

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